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Mixed media installation - Materials include Garden Cress, Coleus Blumei, Mimosa Pudica, found objects, bought objects, found video, copper, magnesium sulphate, slime, lithium and gravity, 2015

Photo : ayatgali tuleubek was an attempt at portraying a state of mind. The installation was built up of different living and non-living materials residing on a carpet floor, displayed so a group of plants had the best seats in the house. 


The work’s starting point was a depression, where the materials and how they changed during the exhibition were allegories for different patterns of thoughts and behaviour. I assisted some of the materials in their movement, as well as functioned as a caretaker for others. The work depended on my involvement for maintenance.


The materials


Detail, Rolux El-Acupuncture ans Coleus Blumei

Detail, Slime

Detail, Lithium and Mimosa Pudica

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